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    here :


    Release Notes - 2018 R2 SP10
    •PCD-147628 - Fixed an issue where the path line for the adaptive cone concentric circle scan was incorrect when the start angle and end angle were changed.
    •PCD-159921 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS displays an error when the number of hits or the density value was set greater than 1000 in the Spline Path area on the Path Definition tab in the Scan dialog box.
    •PCD-164330 - Corrected an issue where if you ran PC-DMIS online and opened the Auto Feature dialog box and manually changed the probe position, PC-DMIS didn't show and update the position.
    •PCD-165032 - Fixed an F9 issue where datums were added before the FCF command and not after the command.
    •PCD-169815 - Fixed a per-unit Straightness issue that allowed the diameter to report twice.
    •PCD-172111 - Fixed an issue where the Close button overlapped the text of the Reorder title.
    •PCD-173273 - Fixed a crash that occurred when you typed the FCF command and pressed F9 with no features selected.
    •PCD-177118 - Fixed an issue where the user interface was not responding after simulation of a Laser scan, such as a Laser linear open scan.
    •PCD-177331 - Fixed an issue where the extraction from a pointcloud was incorrect when a few points existed on the radius of a laser auto slot.
    •PCD-177382 and PCD-187179 - Fixed an issue that caused the nominal values to change to incorrect measurement units when a Size tolerance was entered in an XactMeasure command.
    •PCD-183520 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you clicked on the top surface of a cylinder that looks like an ellipse during the Roughness Scan or other toolkit features with the self center method.
    •PCD-185104 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when the Test button in the Laser Auto Feature dialog box was used to extract an auto circle from a pointcloud.
    •PCD-186651 - Fixed an issue with an inconsistency between the segregated points (orange) and the analysis points (green) for Laser Plane auto feature.
    •PCD-186691 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you press the Esc key after you selected the Select Pointcloud option from the QuickCloudtoolbar.
    •PCD-187016 - Fixed a software crash that occurred when you execute a measurement routine from Inspect that contains a Form command.

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    they do fixed a lot
    im gonna miss you bob....



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      In french, I would say "bof"...

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    PCD-164330 baby!
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o23.1


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