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  • True Position 3D feature

    I posted an earlier question about dimensioning true position to a scan.
    Allow me to rephrase
    Would it be appropriate to do true position of a lets say a feature with geometry similar to a cube?
    Yes it is true, as may be obvious to most I am a novice at using TP.
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    Bob, sorry, but I do not quite understand your question. Can you post the call?

    Also, in 4.0 or later, if your call is invalid, PC-DMIS will not add it to your edit window. So if you want to check whether your call is valid, go into the XactMeasure GD&T and try to enter it. If PC-DMIS accepts it, you may be OK. If it does not get added, it may be a flawed call. This method is far from foolproof (it seems to work better in 4.1), but it has helped me a few times already...

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