Assigning/Extracting Measured Positions (XACT)

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  • Assigning/Extracting Measured Positions (XACT)

    Where I work I very frequently have position dimensions called out in sets. When the DRF is not fully constrained, or when there are MMB modifiers on datums, its critical to call the holes out as sets so any Datum Shift is the same for all the holes in the set. This leads to some importing difficulties for our FAIR/FIR's. To allow us to import seamlessly I need to report each hole/feature's measurement as its own numbered dimension, but in order to calculate datum shift correctly I cannot do that with XACT alone. Is there anyway to extract/assign the measurements of different holes within a single Xact Dimension so I can report it in some other way with generics?

    In the example of the attached picture: I'm currently reporting all 3 holes measurements as [30.1] but ideally I'd want each hole as its own dimension ( [30.1] for hole one, [30.2] for hole 2, [30.3] for hole 3, etc). If I were to simply call out each hole in Xact individually, there would be differing Z axis rotations for the datum shift (Datum A is a cylinder centered between the hole pattern). I'm much more comfortable with Xact since i'm a fairly green programmer and that's all that was taught at my Hexagon classes, and all I've used in the field so far. I'm not against using Legacy if I absolutely need to, but would much prefer solutions that work with Xact. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?
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      Thanks, that was exactly what I needed. Wish there was a less roundabout way to do it though

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