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  • Calibration Sphere

    All of a sudden when i go to calibrate my probes and have not moved the sphere it goes to a different location to start calibrating.

    Even when i do a manual hit to find the sphere it starts going and then has unexpected hit or misses the sphere.

    My question is I want to create a sphere tool but how do i find the exact location of the sphere on the machine so i can double check my numbers?


    I do not know how to create this tool and the offsets.

    Thank you for any help

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    You don't create the tool offsets, the first tip you qualify does. To create a tool you need diameter and shank vector.

    I truly doubt this is the issue, though. How many hits? What are your other parameters? DCC or DCC+DCC? Had the machine been re-initialized? Are you certain the probe is defined correctly?


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      yes as i calibrated the exact probe yesterday.

      Then the program started give me some issues so i went to re calibrate them an they were off.

      I believe i was using 10 hits and DCC+DCC.

      I have not done anything with the machine.

      So you are saying that if i create a new tool ID and type in shank vector and probe diameter it will do the rest.


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        Yes, you only need define the qual sphere size and shank vector.

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      Sounds like someone has clicked yes when asked if the sphere has moved and then used a tip other than A0B0 to locate. I suggest loading up your master probe, calibrate A0B0, click yes when asked if sphere has moved, calibrate then switch back to your star, calibrate and click no when asked if sphere has moved...
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        Another thing to check, if this sphere had been recently created and the program opened was in inches instead of metric? This would be showing your calibration sphere diameter at 19.05" instead of 19.05 MM. (bottom of your screen shot is not showing above).
        Global Advantage 12-15-10 PH10MQ SP600M V4.2MR3 CAD++


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          If all else fails, delete the probe file.

          Close the probe editor.

          Remake the probe file with the exact same name.

          Click mark used, all your angles are back, and it should qualify just fine.


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