CMM not running at speed set in program

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  • CMM not running at speed set in program

    Hi guys,

    I'm having an issue where my CMM seems to be running at max speed rather than the 150 move speed I have all my programs set to. I can shut down the computer and software, reboot, run one part normally then the following runs move at max speed again. Any ideas?

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    Did your settings change? Hit F5 and double check if absolute speed is unchecked.
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      Why would you slow down the move speed to a crawl ?


      • tking
        tking commented
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        Oh, TP. That kinda attitude will get you far here

        Take care, junior!

      • louisd
        louisd commented
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        cuz he's not confident in his programming

      • KIRBSTER269
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        I gave you a great big LIKE for your comment, for it was more informative than question that was ask.

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      it does sound like you got switched to percent speed and it is running at the max 100% because programming 150% does that. I also did LOL a little at the above comment and thought the same, why run at 150mm/s all the time? if that is what you meant?


      • TPeters1384
        TPeters1384 commented
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        I realize now I wrote 150, I had meant to type 250 (not percent). We have an older machine that our company will not put anymore money into so I'm trying to keep her running for awhile.

        Thanks for the insight. I'll look into it.

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      Originally posted by Schlag View Post
      Why would you slow down the move speed to a crawl ?
      Maybe the supercharger is not engaged anymore. Move along

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        Dare I ask what is the touch speed you are using?


        • TPeters1384
          TPeters1384 commented
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          touchspeed is at 1.5

        • Douglas
          Douglas commented
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          1.5 mm/s is a touch speed for probes so small you break them just by looking at them... that should be bumped up. 1.5% is going to depend on your machine and might be different if that program is ever moved to a different machine... still on the low side though unless small tips

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