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    Hi folks,

    Wondering if someone could help me out with this.

    I have recently started using a laser scanner (Hexagon HP-L 10.6) and when I create the report I am getting black scan path lines on the image - see attached pic. Is there a way to hide these?

    Also how do I show the tolerance colour scale on the report. I can see it in the Graphics Display Window but not on the report.

    Thanks in advance

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    Right click on the line (n the graphics window) and select "hide feature". You can hide them individually or you can select "hide all features" to hide everything in one go. If you choose to hide everything, it will also hide the point cloud (cop) and there is no way to show features again from the graphics window - since there is nothing visible to click on - so you will need to go into Edit>Graphics Display Window>Feature Appearance to turn them back on again.
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      As far as the color scale goes, do a search in the help files for "snapshot" or research how to do "custom reports".
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