when to use projection in these cases ?

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  • when to use projection in these cases ?

    a big hey from a newbie

    measuring a distance between two features is sample but yet frustrating for my obsession with reliability , I hate when i make a variety of measurements on the same element and get different results ,
    i still dont know how to measure distance in the most efficient way , lets say I need to measure distance between surface A and B should just select distance in axe X (that is towards us from your current view to the screen) or i need to construct a projection point that intersects them both the corner , and for the bottom case , how should approach measuring the distance between C and D ,

    in other words , is projection technique made to measure features that are tilted from each other (with different vectors) or to measure features in the different coordinates (like the first exemple)

    sorry for bad English and paint drawing lol


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      What does your drawing say? where are the datums or functional features of the part? We can't answer such a vague question because it is entirely dependent upon interpretation of the drawing or functional part reqiurements. Everything depends on what is required. without communicating what's required, we can't help.


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        I would show my MIN /MAX when I do any method. Distance is powerful. Think of it as location with a built in alignment ? On top picture, I would measure B to A PERP to A. This is treating A as the primary.
        Bottom picture need a lot more to go on. Other than ANGLE from d to C but thats not a distance....


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