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  • Save measurement routine without measurement data

    Dear all,

    Some of the measurements I do are to find the shape and defects in a surface. For this measurement, I scan a small surface with multiple lines (up to 200 lines of 110 mm). The results I get are perfect, however if I want to save or re-open these measurements, the amount of points cause the program to freeze and I have to wait up to 30 min for the measurement to open.

    Is there a way to remove all datapoints and save as an "empty" measurement routine so PC-DMIS doesn't have to load all the hits?
    Currently on PC-DMIS CAD 2017 R1.

    Please let me know if you have an idea! Thanks!

    Kind regards,

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    Do you think this is related to the display of graphics for all your hits?
    A quick test would be to right-click in your display and click "Hide all features". save routine and close.

    Otherwise I'd start proposing different questions:
    Why am I working with a computer that is not capable of doing the job i am asking of it?
    Do you have a graphics card? Is it compatible and turned on for processing your graphics within PCDMIS?

    If you open task manager, do you see which resource is consumed when you open a routine that would normally take you 30 minutes?
    --If so, which one is the bottleneck? RAM or Processor?
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    • Douglas
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      yeah the amount of data is not even that great for what he needs really, I've had 3D polygonal meshes with millions of data points and even over wifi they load and save not bad... on a laptop. I'd agree there is something lacking or set up poorly with the computer

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    Tried to reset execution list? If there is a lot of baggage there it can cause slowdowns.


    • tking
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      Yup! You could be on track here.

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    Btw, are you by any chance using a laser scanner head? If using an analogue head, how is your point density?


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      Hi all,
      Thanks for the replies. It is the computer we have received with the machine, should be capable of doing the measurements, right? I'm quite confident I did a graphics card driver update less than a year ago, could see if there is something new available.
      The computer is supplied with 16GB of RAM and should be enough, as well as a Quadro M4000 graphics card, which should not be the limiting factor either.

      I am using a analogue head with the standard 6 points per mm density, leaving my .PRG file to be only 45 MB in size.
      Also since it's 1 feature, a CYL autofeature, I dont have all hits displayed.

      I will try the "reset execution list".


      • Cos_BO
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        The feature that causes this problem is a cylinder with 96003 hits.

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      If you want to save an "empty" program and don't need the hits, try creating it offline and saving a copy before it has been executed. Then, when you need to run it, open the program, do a SaveAs to re-name it then execute. If you need to keep the data, select Save or Close Your copied .prg contains the measured data from that execution and - as you have already seen - will take a while to open/close due to the thousands of points. Your original .prg will only ever contain nominal data and should load a lot faster. Only ever do a SaveAs or Quit on your original .prg. This is similar to the method employed by the new program template feature we have introduced for 2020 R1
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      • Cos_BO
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        Hi Neil,
        Thanks, something I will try on the next measurement, so no way of emptying the routine afterwards?

      • neil.challinor
        neil.challinor commented
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        You could try OPERATION>FEATURES>Reset Measured Values To Nominals

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