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  • Perpendicularity

    I am measuring T-shape sample for perpendicularity. It is made of copper that has rough surface. So, I created left and right plane to construct Mid plane. However, perpendicularity of Mid plane always remain 0 , and samples don't look bent. When, I measure perpendicularity of left and right plane, it showed the values not zero . When, I created left and right plane, my x- coordinate was same. 1,0,0 and -1,0,0. Can I just click the points in point mode to create left and right plane instead of keeping X coordinate value same, so I could have had Mid plane measured value except Zero.
    The base of T-shape sample is Datum-A.

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    I think the problem is that for any given angle, the perpendicularity of a plane will increase with the size of the plane. A mid plane has no real size, so you won't get an accurate result.
    You will need to measure points on one side and mirror the points on the other side. Then construct mid points between opposing points. Then construct the plane from those mid points.
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      Do I have to keep X coordinate value same or I can just click points in Point Mode? Then, I will follow your procedure.


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        Maybe you can use directly plane hits, you just have to check their order.
        If they aren't aligned, create an array to have the connection between them.
        Then, in a loop, create mid point between hits, and create the plane from mid points.


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          Thank you very much.


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