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  • Sphere scanning?

    Has anyone noticed that our tools available to us entirely omit our ability to replicate the scanning strategy done when calibrating a probe tip?
    -As in we cannot construct a constant-contact 3-dimensional scan of a sphere, which the strategy is evident and utilized when running a probe calibration.
    what's up with that?

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    Are you talking about SP25 ?
    I don't see "constant contact 3d" when calibrate a LSPX...
    I think it's possible to realize it with a freeform scan, using Excel to calculate the hits and vectors...


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      no, I have a Lietz LSPX. Turn off "use TRAX calibration" and you should see it TTP all your hits, then conduct a slow speed scan and then a quick scan. Each scan circles the equator, then seamlessly bobs three or four arc segments up and over the sphere, then back down onto the opposing side. For A0B0 (if my memory serves me correctly) it starts the hemisphere scan at X+,
      The radial arcs segments move counter-clockwise. First radius 'bob' goes Y+/X- direction, second goes Y-/X- direction, third goes Y+/X+ back to origin of hemisphere scan.


      • JEFMAN
        JEFMAN commented
        Editing a comment
        I'd never turn off the use trax calibration !
        I'll give it a try ...
        Thx !

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