Offsetting a plane using a measured distance

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  • Offsetting a plane using a measured distance

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry, I know similar questions to this have been asked before but I couldn't quite make sense of them to use the ideas myself.

    I have a program using a measured plane, but the Datum plane is that plane offset in the drawing by 30.5mm. I can do that easily enough, but it turns out the offset is actually meant to be to line the plane up with a hole that should be 30.5mm from the original plane. So what I need to do is measure the plane and the hole to find out what that 30.5mm distance actually is, then construct the plane with an offset of the measured value for that distance. Is that something I can do?

    Am using 2017 R2.

    Appreciate the help.

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    As usual, there are many ways to do it.
    Depends on the part, maybe constructing a plane parallel tio the first through the hole is what you're looking for.
    Another way is measuring the distance (or assigning it : ASSIGN/V1=DOT(CE1.XYZ-PL1.XYZ,PL1.IJK) )
    Then create a generic plane with
    I=PL1.I, J=PL1.J, K=PL1.K


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      Thanks Jefman. I think that was a forest for the tree moment, I don't know why a parallel plane through the hole never occurred to me.


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