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  • List of all error messages and meaning/fixes


    Is there a database or index that includes a vast majority, if not all all, PC-DMIS errors that occur? I've checked some places online but my search has yielded me nothing. Trying to create a control plan for our shop floor's operators so they know exactly what to do during certain error messages. Any help is appreciated.

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    I believe the error codes are machine (cmm brand) specific, its best to call tech support


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      Originally posted by gibsonridge View Post
      I believe the error codes are machine (cmm brand) specific, its best to call tech support
      Not necessarily the code itself, but the error message that is given; i.e "probe deflection during a CNC movement" etc.


      • gibsonridge
        gibsonridge commented
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        this topic has been brought up many times over the years but never produced a list,
        it seems to be a top secret job security ,need to know thing

      • Matthew D. Hoedeman
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        if HEX actually gave you a list of the codes and what-is-what with them, then what would their repair techs and tech support people do (besides actually be available "now" for a real fix)?

      • gibsonridge
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        exactly !!

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      in version 2019 r1 go to your help file pc dmis help center / type error message / a group of errors will come up


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        I see that error sometimes. It your probe a heavy build? Are you accelerating as fast as you can on your moves? Might want to make sure your probe build is within limits and maybe slow down your acceleration and speed.


        • Blockay
          Blockay commented
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          I get this error often, but typically its due to alignment shifts and such, so its a quick fix. This post isn't so much as to focus on the specific errors, I just wanted to see if anyone has a list compiled of errors they've come across in the past and the fixes to them. I ultimately want to create a control plan to allow my operators to work through the errors effectively without having to call me down to the floor at least once per hour.

        • Peter Fuller
          Peter Fuller commented
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          The best plan of action is to compile your own list as they occur. With the number of combination of controllers/interfaces/packages available a lot of your errors are going to be relatively specific to your configuration. The last time I was tasked with a CMM control plan I mainly created a list of commonly occurring errors that my users had me solve and used just that.

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        Here's one! = CALL HEXAGON

        there is also an error log available through the FDC terminal

        I use:

        to get to my controller's interface, menu items are on the left side.


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