theoreticals,actuals,target points !!

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  • theoreticals,actuals,target points !!

    i need a little help understanding these lines in the commands window

    theoreticals,actuals,target points

    so theo is the nominals im supposed to get

    actuals are what i probed / hit with the machine

    but what are tagrget points ?

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    Target is the position the machine will drive to.


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      Most of the time Theo and Targets are the same. Targets are used for (at least what I use them for), is to point the probe in a different spot than the THEOs to pinpoint a feature better.

      Say for instance, you are measuring a hole that you know is blatantly out of position for a project, but you don't want your probe to crash. So you change your targets to match where the hole is actually so you can continue with the program, but your THEO stay where it "should be". I have done this with R&D projects while the operators are tweaking tooling because they want to "see" where their part actually is in terms of position and size.

      I also use variables in targets to target the probe location better.
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