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  • Gdt

    Need to understand what's happening here

    using R2019v2

    I measure a 3 datums and a hole. check the true position of that hole. deviation shows over .011" one direction and over .012" the other but REPORTS TRUE POSITION AT .0066" ???

    see attached

    How can I trust any of my results?
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    Is ABC constraining all 6 degrees of freedom? What do you get if you set your alignment to ABC and report the legacy position? Maybe post your code with ABC features and the hole in question.
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      Is the hole axis parallel to the Z-axis of the FCF? If not, the deviation you are seeing can be caused by reporting deviations along the axis of the hole, (like saying your circle was measured too deep in the hole, which really has no effect on position), and since you have the deviation to centerline box checked, it will only report the deviation FROM the centerline for the true position, and not the deviation ALONG the centerline. But you will still see deviation along the centerline where it shows X, Y and Z deviations.


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