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    I am tasked with doing as much lights out inspection as possible. I have a script at the end of my programs that saves the program (basically CTRL+S) when the program completes. Is it possible to have the program run that script any time the CMM has an error? If so, how?

    For some of our bigger parts, we have 8+ hour run times. Sometimes IT has our computers auto update and if there is a crash and it auto updates, we have lost all the data from the run up to the crash. If I can get it to save when there is an error, I can go back and analyze it and fix the issue.

    Getting IT to notify us about these updates is being worked on but this would be a good backup.
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    At every command you would need to add the 'onerror' goto/###### and have the program jump to the save command.

    Even with having 'onerror' handlers this will not prevent the loss of data when a reboot is performed by your PC. Once the PC goes to reboot mode, the software is not in control long enough to store the information.

    You really need your IT to make a dedicated time slot, or allow for operators to update as required.


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      You can write to a variable on error if you want to skip writing all those gotos. I would write a .NET app with ApplicationEvents to handle it.
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        Yeah... I know ZERO about .NET programming...

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