2018 PCDMIS R1 vs R2

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  • 2018 PCDMIS R1 vs R2

    Could anyone tell me the differences in the R1 and R2 of PCDMIS 2018v? We have R1 on everything in house, excluding 1 offline station which has R2. I was wanting to know from experienced programmers and their opinions, rather than asking Hexagon, which would positively say that R2 is "Better" and has removed some glitches that R1 had...maybe they would be right?

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    ...or not. From what I have read on this forum, 2019 R2 seems "worse" than 2019 R1, which is why I have stayed away from it. As always, you'd need to weigh the pro's against the con's...

    EDIT: Reading the response JEFMAN I now see that the OP is referring to 2018...
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      I would say R2 is better than R1 (2018 in both cases) on GD&T side (datums are automatically correct in front of standards).
      Nothing to say between both versions concerning cmm driving...


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