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  • How to use laser scanner - cms 106 - pcdmis

    Hello all, We have brought Laser Scanner- CMS 106 on our Global CMM machine which has PCDMIS in that. I know the basic use of that but most of the time, we have big and complicated steel die cast parts here to check. Can somebody help me out in details and step by step. We have PCDMIS 2015 V.
    My main concerns are- which strategy should I use- Freeform-Linear-Linear Closed
    - On what bases should we choose Laser Probe Angles.
    -If I choose the Auto wrist, How to avoid the collisions
    -Can we use auto wrist and the clearance plane to avoid that.
    Please help me and if would be great if someone can tell me step by step. Thanks

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    When I use it, I use only linear scans, and uncheck autowrist. So I need calculating right vectors to make it scan.
    For now, I don't use it a lot, because constructing a feature from a COP is very very time consuming, so I export COP on Poly****ks to work on them.


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      A tip - get Gom Inspect (free version) and import your CAD and pointclouds into that and generate CAD/actual comparison. It renders beautifully and is a very powerful program for these kind of things. I have that and Leica Cyclone in my pointcloud toolbox.
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


        KAPTAN SINGH commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you. I will try that too. But first I want to know how to get a good point cloud in PCDMIS. On what bases shopul we choose laser probe angles ?

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      You should choose the angle that gives you the most coverage of the surface you want to scan. You want a pointcloud that represents the surface, which means that you may have to scan the same surface several times to "cover" the surface (analogy: paint with spraypaint).
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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