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  • 4 port MCR20

    I could probably just go downstairs to the machine to look, but every time I've tried that this week I get pulled into a different project (and they can't understand why I'm behind on this big program....)

    Anyway, I managed to pilfer a 4 port MCR20 from the vision system they changed over to TP200 before abandoning TTP on that machine. Is there an option to qualify a 4 port rack on a CMM? I've only ever seen the 6 port, and the setup uses ports 1 and 6 as I recall. I f I could pull my TP20s out of the FCS I could add some badly needed scanning probes.


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    You have to have that specific "tool changer option " on the port lock key I believe to add a tool changer.


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      Need the tool changer option--part of SMA license

      It will ask you how many ports and then give you options


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        We have the tool changer option, I've got 9 ports in an MRS, I just don't recall ever seeing an option for the number of ports.


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