My hits are offset what should i do ?

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  • My hits are offset what should i do ?


    i have established an iterative alignement and it went by without errors but the issue is that when i wanted to check if the part is correcly located in the machine i selected an edge on the cad to be measured with auto vector , but the hit in the real part was a bit far (2mm more or less to where i probed in the cad)

    now i googled a bit and came across 2 solutions that i have never tried before , to use relative rmse (relate the offseted feature to perfecly probed feature ) cuz another RPS was probed good

    or using best fit and then measure what i need

    its a headlight housing by the way

    what do you think gentlmen

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    So you have a point. that is offset 2mm from the cad, where you probed it.
    -Is this point prior to, or after your iterative alignment?
    -Did you produce the initial or iterative alignment by clicking on the CAD, then executing manually (this associates orientation of part on machine with the CAD)?
    -Can you post code of your iterative alignment and the point?


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      I would start out by checking that the iterative alignment has worked by taking points after it on the alignment surfaces and check t-values. Depending on the cad-axis relative to the surfaces chosen, and the internal angles of the surfaces it may not map to the cad correctly.
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