VFT Calibration vs TRAX

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  • VFT Calibration vs TRAX

    Just found out that calibration on the new Global S Chrome here should be done without TRAX (it has a vibration free transmission). I have a few questions that so far, have not found an answer to.

    1. Since VFT does a scan calibration is 5 hits in top box in the Measure Probe dialog screen enough? We use 25 hits on the other machines which use Trax but it seems excessive as much scanning as the VFT calibration does.

    2. Is touch speed in the Measure Probe box critical? How do you know which speed to use? If you use probe options, does it ignore the touch speed in the Measure Probe box? I didn't set up the auto-cal programs here but I noticed the touchspeeds ranged anywhere from 2 to 5 depending on the probe.

    3. Is it ok to use VFT calibration on a half-mil Probe? One of operators that went to a class recently remembers the instructor mentioning something about this but can't remember if it was to use it on anything over a half-mil probe or to use it for half-mil and above (inclusive). We do scan with our half-mil probes so it seems like it would be ok.

    4. Should we calibrate the master probe (for the sphere location) with VFT too?

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