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    Hi, I', trying to report the position of a hole but its not using the measured values of the hole for its calculations and i'm not sure why! Can anybody enlighten me please?


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    The first (LOC) are coordinates according to your current (fixed) alignment.

    The TP evaluation are adding datum fit to the equation (rotation in Z) that skew the TP coordinate system somewhat, that is why they differ.
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      Don't take this the wrong way, but put the mouse down, go to your boss, and demand him or her to send you to a GD&T class, this will help you run this program, if you didn't see what the difference of what you showed, then you have no business behind the control of this program, if you think I'm being cruel, you are so wrong, what I am suggesting will help you through this journey.
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        @KIRBSTER269 is correct. I know he means no offense, he's just saying it very bluntly. Too many people get thrown on a CMM with no training and this is not a job you can blindly attack.
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          I have always felt that if your gonna learn the cmm. you need to learn and understand how to do a layout on the " ROCK "


          • KIRBSTER269
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            ummm, what your suppose to do anyways, how does one proof a program?

          • DAN_M
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            The whole point of the CMM is to duplicate what the rock does but with a probe & faster.

            If you're results don't..A) correlate within acceptable limits per your industry..and..B) Repeat......then you're wasting the boss' time.

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          Originally posted by A-machine-insp View Post
          @KIRBSTER269this is not a job you can blindly attack.
          Then you have removed the only response I can muster. Their was a time when I knew so little, then having obtained some, I fear I posses even much less.



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