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    Hi, I', trying to report the position of a hole but its not using the measured values of the hole for its calculations and i'm not sure why! Can anybody enlighten me please?

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    You are allowing rotation about Z this is why the values are different.


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      How do i stop that?

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    We have an early version of ExactMeasure so do not see the option to fix axis. However we only see the datum shift if all 6 axis are not locked by the datums or Fit to datums is ON.


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      Capture.JPGYour Position is reporting as passing
      Y 20 basic has a deviation -0.016
      Your dimension of location of 20.00+-.10 is at 0.240 deviation from nominal
      This is telling me that the location reported alignment and the True Position FCF A|B do not match or as UK points out Z rotation is issue
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        I answered in the other thread, but I see you got the same answers here.
        PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o19 R1 SP11


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