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  • basic questions about alignement

    hello everyone

    4 question came across my mind when i was having a self brainstorm , and i would appreciate your kind answers even tho how silly they look , I'm a newbie and still on training and just don't like to ask the expert too much cuz i feel like a pain in the a**, i rather look up myself

    1 - when aligning a part in iterative is it necessary to cover it all (taking the 6 points around it all ) not in just a particular area
    2 - is it necessarily to have the the rotations and origin to perpendicular to the plane and why , and how to know if they are 90° or not
    3- i understand that the datum A is plane B is line and C is Point am i correct , and true position is the location of a feature in the dimensional space in relation to those origins
    4- why to level if we can select Z for example as origin Z

    my kind salutations to all the effort being made in the forum , thank you guys

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    This is a much bigger question than you realize. My suggestion is to start by using what Hex teaches by using a Datum Precedence Table as the alignment may not always be plane, line & point. Also, this is a tool to start teaching the basic principle of constraining 6 degrees of freedom. I have a training book from a local college and they spend the first course learning features and multiple alignment senarios. PM and I might be able to point you to some resources.
    Blank Datum Precedence Table.JPG
    Horizontals - Dual Arm 40-17-21 / Single Arm 30-14-16 - PCD 2013MR1 (64bit)


    • A-machine-insp
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      When I started I used this for a good month until I understood it. It's second nature to me now but it's a very good tool to have for new people.

    • Ajesh George
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      russd , would you mind - to point out the resources which told you had.
      I'm go training not from Hex but from my collogue who was not fully aware about DOF , It would be helpful to check and verify the method I have been using is correct / not according to PCDMIS.

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    Though i fully endorse finding information on your own, if there is an expert available to train you, be a pain in the a**, its their job. If you are not fully understanding a topic, then they are not doing their job.


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