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    Hello dear friends,

    I have created my first DCC Iterative program using the cad then measured auto vector points by typing their coordinates from the drawing and it worked like charm ,
    but since that i have only been used to work with programs that run with jigs and 3-2-1 alignment (which has a 0 origin of each feature ) ,

    in the iterative i couldn't figure out from where that it had acquired it coordinates system , logically thinking , in 3 2 1 you select the 0 or a custom offset for an origin , but in iterative i have only selected 6 points which aren't even on the same plane (its a curved part) but yet eventually after alignment the part had a coordinate system that is similar to the drawing (because i was able to measure auto vectors without probing just by typing coordinates and machines knows where is it ) how ?? does the cad bring it own coordinates system ? or what , i couldn't figure anything else

    sorry for the bad english

    thank you

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    Hello Mranaskw,
    When using a Iterative alignment, the values are taken from the model, using the axis system from the model.
    Once the 6 points have been measured, the CMM knows roughly where the part lies to the CMM.
    From here on you have more options:
    Measure the part using the axis system from the part, or now measure some features and make your own axis system and Zero point.
    You can make as many alignments as you want.

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      An iterative alignment lookes at the probed XYZIJK values from your part when you measure it in real life and compares them to the nominal values from the model. It will calculate how "close" the touches ARE compared to where they're SUPPOSED TO BE..and then the CMM will iterate (repeat) the alignment points and re-attempt the alignment until it finds the points within your specified target point radius for the alignment.

      Once the iterative alignment completes, the part is "found". From here, its up to you to program the rest of the part. Find your datums, create any alignments necessary, and then go to town!


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