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  • True Position in Q-Das


    We has just started using Q-Das at our company. Via the CMM's I have been making the DFQ files, and pumping the database full with the DFQ's.
    Q_Das works everything out, but the true position of holes are showing a larger error than PC_Dmis.

    The holes in question are measured on the CMM. They are at an angle to axis X, Y AND Z, so the option PERPENDCULAR to CENTERLINE is set to ON.
    In the inspection report the holes are within tolerance, but Q_Das shows a larger error.
    The error that Q_Das shows is the same error as PC_Dmis IF the option PERPENDCULAR to CENTERLINE is set to OFF.

    In Q_Das I have looked at the Strategies, it was set to Calculate TP, this is now turned off, but the error's are still there.
    Is there another (standard) Strategy within Q_Das that I can use, that does not calculate the TP?
    Or are we doing something else wrong?

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    Are you using polar coordinates in the TP?
    Q_DAS does not calculate for polar correctly, we had to have them right a special script for us but it never worked correctly so we got rid of Q_DAS.


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      What if you moved your alignment such that it was translated to the nominal then rotated to be square (all theoreticals/basics, of course), then report TP to 0,0,0?


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