Why does this look out of tol but it is not reporting it as OOT

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  • Why does this look out of tol but it is not reporting it as OOT

    Please see attached. I am trying to report a profile of a slot and the deviation is beyond the tolerance limits but it is not reporting it as Out. see PROF_SLOTR9

    Thank you in advance pic 1.JPG

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    For profile, always add the MAX/MIN formatting to your report. The reason it doesn't show red, is because your max and min fall within the +/- 0.250 band. In ASME, you needed to analyze the max and min for your measurement, not the MEAS value. In ISO, it takes the worst deviation between max and min and multiples it by 2 for the MEAS. There are plenty of threads on this explaining the different standards and how to apply them to legacy dimensions.
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      bfire85 Thank you very much. This is the first time I have ever had to use profile in this manner. I work with very basic auto part sheet metal, this is actually the only job in our whole shop that has a dimension like this. Between numerous threads, help from you guys, and scouring the standard somewhat blindly, I have learned quite a lot the past few days.

      I really appreciate your help. Thank you


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