PC Dmis 2018 r2, lost text Only reporting.

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  • PC Dmis 2018 r2, lost text Only reporting.


    I recently had an issue where my 'text Only' reports output as blank PDF pages. Oddly enough, every other type of reporting works. I've changed it currently to 'text and CAD' which is working correctly, however I'm curious if anyone has a possible cause for this issue? I don't believe any options in PC-DMIS have been altered.

    Thank you

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    Corrupted template maybe?


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      It was just the default software template. Nothing fancy was done to it.


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        I feel there is a conflict between the "last report execute" mode radio button and its companion "current report" (I think? I wish I'd screenshot my desktop, Im always have some programming hurdle to leap, and I mostly get the answers when I'm at home.) Well, 2019 R2 was grabbing out my 2017? Text report. I'd kill the file and it'd be back at start up. And it should have been way off the file path to even find that. So, against my better judgment, I uninstalled 2017. It still returned. I don't know anymore. I feel its time to get a copy of 2020.


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          these posts are somewhat confusing. Bryan898 indicates the resulting PDF is empty. Does the report display anything if you select View Report Mode from the reporting toolbar?
          If it is populated in the report window but empty in the PDF I don't have an answer at this point.
          To clear any possible user modifications you can try File/Report/Clear Template Associated Data to see if it does anything.
          There is also a reporting backup install directory where you could copy TEXTONLY.RTP (from DefaultReportingTemplateBackup) to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hexagon\PC-DMIS\2018 R2\Reporting.

          I don't understand what Cumofo is indicating. Pcdmis installed templates for each version are installed independently for each version.
          There is no 'conflict' between "last execute mode" and "report mode". "last execute mode" populates the report with the data as defined by what was executed since the last PRINT or start of full execution. "View Report Mode" populates the report the the current commands starting at the File Header.

          If you have defined a specific report template to use (such as from a prior version) the next version(s) will try to use that template. There is a black check box on the reporting toolbar which indicates what the current default template is.If there is a full path on that default, the full path will be used to find the template.


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            Oh I forgot............ Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Did you by chance delete the below (reporting) code from the beginning of your current routine? Does it recur if you execute a different routine that you had made possibly a few months or years ago?



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            Sorry about this falling behind- been stuck on other issues and forgot about this post.

            SABarber: the view report mode is on, I’ve tried dropping out of that mode and back in with no luck. When I click the Text and Cad report button, or any other, it populates the data. It auto saves as a PDF. In text only it will save a blank report as many pages as it would normally be. In text and CAD or any other, it outputs as normal.

            I will try the other suggestions, thank you.

            louisd: I will look into it, but this issue has occurred simultaneously over about twenty different programs that were working correctly.


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              So, to understand, the textonly report is populated when viewed in the report window but all pages are empty when printed to pdf. Does printing to a printer generate output?

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