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    Recently upgraded all our machines to 2019r1. Three of them share programs stored on the network. Recently we have developed an issue where when opening a program, it get an error stating “Back-up copy of blah, blah, blah, do you want to use it?” It’s happens on almost every program this week. Clicking “Yes” does open the program.

    Any thoughts?

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    Is your search path set to the network location (preferences)?
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      I'd make a local copy of the program, see if the problem persists. Remove network and potentially open files from the equation.


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        The issue is only with 2019r1, our old version 2011mr1 ran this way forever.


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          Preferences set to the network? Set the same as your older system.
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            I would say "NO" to opening the backup copy. I'm guessing that you have the AUTO-SAVE 'function' turned on, and it is making the ~ and ^ file copies (makes one when opened and the other when closed). Look in that directory and see if they are there (you may have to change the VIEW settings for the folder to see hidden files).
            Originally posted by AndersI
            I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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              -How are you opening the routine? File -recent- click the filename?
              or File-Open (browse to exact location on your network) and open that selected routine?

              If you are opening via File -recent-, your PCD default save location is likely saving backup copies locally upon execution. Then it's probably trying to access the backup file as you are either quitting the routine (opened on network) without saving, or are you by chance manually deleting the local files, and the hidden .PRG^ etc backups are still in the folder?


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                Just throwing this out there.... Are the build numbers on all versions the same?


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                  Originally posted by RandomJerk View Post
                  Just throwing this out there.... Are the build numbers on all versions the same?
                  I have not checked that, yet. My fear is that might be the issue.


                  • RandomJerk
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                    Yeah, I get that completely

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