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  • Formating?

    I just received a program from a customer and it has ("+0.00") behind all the nominal. i.e. "5.800+0.00", "27.000+0.00"
    Is this a different way to format a number?
    Or something else?

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    I've had to do that before. Doing that keeps the nominals from changing. That being said, when I do that (very rarely), I just do +0.
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      Keeps the nominal from changing?
      Do you mean from 5.00 to 6.00 or 5.00to 5.000?


      • A-machine-insp
        A-machine-insp commented
        Editing a comment
        Sorry i didn't reply sooner. The responses below are spot on. Changing alignments will cause the nominals to change. adding +0 locks them in. Occasionally I will get a part where a datum has been cut too much so I will apply an offset to the alignment to compensate. That will cause the nominals to change when you make the offset and again when it is removed.

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      Sometimes, when you change the alignment (re-measure for example), PC-DMIS changes also nominals and targets.
      If you add +0, nominal and target become variable (assignment), then they don't change.


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        Thank you.


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          In other words, it locks everything down. Not always necessary, but is critical in certain situations. I have a program that has a weird call-out and based on material thickness, I have to run an adjuster for a profile distance. So I need to do the +0 at the end of the THEO and TARGET so my nominals stay the same.
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            It can be useful if you have a model that is slightly off the dimensions of the drawing. Keeps the dimensions from reverting to model values.


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