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    Release Notes - 2019 R1 SP7
    • PCD-152721 - Fixed an issue where the Pointcloud Cross Section ID could not be changed from within the dialog box.
    • PCD-157865 - Changed the animation of move/all requests. The linear and rotational moves now finish at the same time.
    • PCD-163656 - The crash report system no longer includes screenshots as part of the default crash report. It only includes them if the "/fullcrashdump" startup option is used.
    • PCD-171261 - Fixed an issue where dimensions were not able to report in the degree, minute, and second format in Excel Form report.
    • PCD-171355 - Corrected an issue that caused slow report load times.
    • PCD-171572 - Fixed an issue where the percentages of the Colormap Gradient Scale were not appearing in the pdf report, and the numbers on the gradient scale were not sized properly when the Graphic Display window height was changed.
    • PCD-177006 - Fixed an issue with BASIC scripting where the line continuation symbol was missing. This resulted in compile errors.
    • PCD-180282 - Fixed an issue where PC-DMIS didn't draw all lines of patch scan in Graphic Display window. PC-DMIS now draws all lines when it is edited and also when the Patch scan is edited.
    • PCD-180324 - Corrected an issue where the Surface Colormap ID could not be changed when the command was edited from the Pointcloud Operator dialog box.
    • PCD-180706 - Fixed a problem where an application error could sometimes occur when routines were opened or closed in Operator Mode or Inspect.
    • PCD-181049 - Fixed an issue where the Excel form report always reported U.Tol and L.Tol equal to half the True Position tolerance for the X, Y component. The check box under Reporting tab is now marked. The True Position tolerance is assigned to the axes if the check box is marked. It is not assigned if the check box is cleared.
    • PCD-183171 - Fixed an automation problem where the Tips.Add (...) method, called inside a loop, worked correctly only the first time it was invoked.

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    Thanks JEFMAN

    Hoped to see more fixes from the 2018/2019 issues megathread...
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o22.2 SP3


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      vpt.se commented
      Editing a comment
      Maybe they're in 2020...

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