Axis flip during calibrating probe tip 90 x0

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  • Axis flip during calibrating probe tip 90 x0

    Calibrating the probe on using the probe utility, the program has no problem with calibrating the 0 x 0 position.
    When I choose the 90x0 position, the program crash into the calibration sphere. Also the in the graphic display is the axis ' have flipped, instead of "Z" being up and down it is showing "Z" moving in the "Y" direction.

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    Maybe reboot everything machine and all, rehome and report back here when you've tried this.
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      In addition, you should calibrate A0B0 saying Yes the sphere moved, and reset to theo all angles.


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        rebooting appears to have cleared that up.

        Thanks for the quick response.

        Kind regards,


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          no problem, PC-DMIS is like a baby, some times you have to put it over your shoulder and burp it.

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