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  • Export to DMIS

    I was hoping to use the DMIS output to help edit program in regular editor
    as well as manipulate way features are reported (format of report).

    But when I export to DMIS, I see no actual measured values.

    When I import DMIS back in to PC D-MIS, all measured data is gone.

    Is there any way to retain measured values of all features when exporting to DMIS?

    I had wanted to use D-MIS as link to and from Metrologic Metrolog (if we buy it), Is this possible?

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    When you run the part program you have an option of creating a DMIS output file. Only the DMIS output file (*.dmo) will have both nominal and actual information. This output file can be used by another system for statistics. PC-DMIS doesn't have a mechanism of importing this file back into a part program.

    The DMIS Export is a means of exporting a part program so it can be used by another system. Only nominal information is allows in the *.dmi or *.dms file (per DMIS 3.0, 04.0, 05.0 and 05.1).

    Now if you where to use File | Export | Basic that will contain both Nominal and Actual Information. Since this is an ascii file you can use a text editor to modify this file. Then using automation use can run this script to create a PC-DMIS part program.


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      Go T-REx!!


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