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    here :


    Release Notes -2018 R2 SP9
    •PCD-46402 –Fixed an issue that caused a keyed-in Nominal value to change back to the original Nominal value (calculated from THEO's) on a measured or constructed input feature of a Distance or Angle command when you pressF9 and then you click the Cancel button.
    •PCD-109698 -Fixed an issue where performance was decreasedduring the execution of a laser scan and COP commandsin a loop.
    •PCD-146773 -Fixed an issue with the Outlier filter where you couldn't apply it to auto circles and line features.
    •PCD-151139 -Fixed an issue that occurred when you double-click a measurement routine, PC-DMIS would not open the file.
    •PCD-152721 -Fixed an issue where the Pointcloud Cross Section ID could not be changed from within the dialog box.
    •PCD-155563 -Fixed an issue where B5 controller cannot accept any commands from PC-DMIS when in PARK mode. This change ensures that PC-DMIS does not send temperature compensation commands to the B5 controller until it sends the ENDPARK status through the measurement routine.
    •PCD-157865 -Changed the animation of move/all requests. The linear and rotational moves now finish at the same time.
    •PCD-161289 -Fixed a crash that occurred when PC-DMIS attempted to calibrate additional tips after a tool changercalibration.
    •PCD-162075 -Fixed an issue that prevented the selection of an axis when you create a customized DRF.
    •PCD-162487 -Fixed an issue of Composite tolerance for Profile not being reported to Q-DAS. Now Composite Profile will be reported in cases of execution with or without QdasData.xml file.
    •PCD-163656 -The crash report system no longer includes screenshots as part of the default crash report. Itonly includes them if the "/fullcrashdump" startup option is used.
    •PCD-167625 -Improved compatibility with some USB serial cables used to connect the HP-C-VE controller to the PC via USB.
    •PCD-170207 -Added a change for the PointcloudOperator| ExportXYZSeparatorregistry entry to define one or more separator characters used for the Pointcloud XYZ export.
    •PCD-171355 -Corrected an issue that caused slow report load times.
    •PCD-174370 -Fixed Solidworks tessellation issues.
    •PCD-174472 -Fixed an issue to correct the value of the axis in the statistics.xml for legacy profile dimension. This issue also removed the additional blank space in the Axis field.
    •PCD-174982 -Fixed an issue where the Scale Drawingdialog box would not open from the Shift+Right-mouse button combination.
    •PCD-175846 -Fixed the issue where filtering didn't work as expected because the conversion from decimal to percentage was missed when calculating the point reduction filter value in Laser Scan dialog boxes.
    •PCD-176746 -Added a change to our service pack policy that requires a Software Maintenance Agreement for installation.
    •PCD-177036-Fixed an issue with the Euler transformation. The I++ server can now use Scan Circle with HSSDAT and set the ManHitRetractregistry entry.
    •PCD-177426 -Fixed a software error that occurred because of a startup timing issue.
    •PCD-178572 -Fixed an issue with the TempComp for the Wenzel version of the I++ server that supports GetProp/SetProp part.
    •PCD-180706 -Fixed an issue where an application error occurred when you open or close measurement routines from Operator mode or Inspect.
    •PCD-183171 -Fixed an automation issue where the Tips.Add (...) method, called inside a loop, worked correctly only the first time when it was invoked.

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    Originally posted by JEFMAN View Post
    here :


    Release Notes -2018 R2 SP9

    •PCD-176746 -Added a change to our service pack policy that requires a Software Maintenance Agreement for installation.
    I am so excited that the Hexag00n bean-counters didn't overlook 2018 R2. Guess all the previous bugs(enhancements) introduced after the 2018 R2 release get exterminated ONLY by the latest-greatest SMA fumigation.
    These days, am only tied to 2018 R2 by using an Optiv for production because my boss is in love with Carl Z so our CMM fleet is Conturas. Those guys aren't exactly saints, but........
    Anyway, I've sent in enough bug/help requests in the past years to Hexagon to be printed thick as a phonebook. And now this?
    You can love the s-e-r-v-i-c-e in service pack 9 --but please, don't believe Hexagon if they tell you your shoelace is un-tied


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