can SP25M touch trigger?????

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  • can SP25M touch trigger?????

    i have a question about the SP25M scanning probe system can it take a touch trigger point with out the TP 20 module??? because to me it looks like it cant

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    yes it can. I do it 'all the time'
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      thanks for the quick answer


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        is switching scanning modules really take 20 min to warm up??


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          Originally posted by thomas pilc View Post
          is switching scanning modules really take 20 min to warm up??
          Yes and No.

          Yes if you need absolute maximum accuracy and don't have one of the super fancy schmancy heated racks to keep them warm.

          No if you don't need the super extreme accuracy, you can swap and get straight to beeping - the system won't throw any errors or make you wait for the warm-up period to expire like a kid who just ate lunch and can't wait to resume swimming.

          Renishaw has data out there showing exactly how much accuracy is impacted cold vs. warmed up modules.

          The fact that you are asking such a question, here, in the manner you have, strongly suggests the warm up period for SP25 modules is way down near the bottom of a very long list of things you should be focused on.

          HTH & ymmv.

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            SOme things to remember about SP25 touch triggers is that it is painfully slow, you can NOT use fast probing, and you must do the full scan qualification just to use it as a touch probe. If time is a concern and you can live with the form issues, get yourself a TTP25 and a module or two if you'll be doing a lot of touch trigger probing.


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              the boss is looking at at multi sensor machine and it has one of these SP25M on it and all the info i looked up still had me saying it needed the tp 20 module to do touch trigger probing and i asked about the probe rack because it seemed crazy that it needed to work up . the boss this thinking it might be able to do some fill in as a cmm on some small part when the cmms are backed up so im just trying to figure out what it was all about thanks


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