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  • Removed Roary Table

    I had to remove the rotary for added space now I can do a machine start.
    Is there more I need to do in settings or such?

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    Depends on the controller.
    On a Leitz protocol, you have to turn to 0 the 4th value of REVRS and SIGN_FAC, in the constant.dat.
    From the terminal button, type show REVRS, it should answer 1,1,1,1,0,0
    Then type SET_PAR REVRS,,,,0
    It should answer 1,1,1,0,0,0
    Do the same for SIGN_FAC, and at the end
    SET_PAR FILE_WRT to save.

    Maybe, if you unplug the rotary, there's other parameters to change, but when I just want to avoid some controller crashes (W counter error), those are enough.
    Note the init values before changing, and re-do the same in the other way when you will plug the rotary.


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