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  • TP 200 Mount Point

    I have a TP 200 on a Sheffield 9-15-7 running PCDMIS 2019 when I change probe tips from 1mm to 2mm the probe goes to the mount point before unloading the tip and then goes into the rack and unloads, moves to the 2mm probe and picks it up and moves to a point in space that is not the mount point forward and lower than the programmed mount point, the machine measures the programmed points in the program and when it goes to change back to the 1mm it goes to the programmed mount point and unloads and picks up the 1mm tip then goes to a point in space to the rear of machine at end of travel, I have tried everything, recalibrating the rack and the mount point several times but does not work, I am at a loss

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    1. are you calibrating the probes using the 2mm as the 'master probe'?
    2. is the 2mm a 2x20mm probe, which you are using to calibrate the rack, have zero extensions or other components?
    3. are your other probes accurately calibrated? and match the probe build configuration?
    4. when you calibrate your probes, do you have "reset to theoretical" checked?
    5. are you getting false triggers/air-hits?
    6. are any of your probe calibration results showing wonky data (like a super large measured diameter, or a huge offset in one axis)?


    • louisd
      louisd commented
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      it sounds as if you have a probe built incorrectly, or a probe is calibrated incorrectly. that's where i would start looking. With what little effort you are communicating and providing, there's not much more we can do to help.

      Do you know what a master probe is? do you know how to prevent inadvertent replacement of master probe?

    • firefighter5296
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      I have never heard of a master probe, what is it

      A little history
      We had PCDMIS 2011 and upgraded 2 machines to PCDMIS 2019, the other machine is a Sheffield 9-9-7 and is working perfectly, I didnt start having trouble until we upgraded, I have run parts on both machines for correlation and the data looks good, I am not getting any funcky data so that makes me believe the probe calibrations are good and also the probe calibration reports are good.

      Thanks for any help you can give

    • louisd
      louisd commented
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      The search tool is very powerful on this forum. Search for master probe.

      If you kept your old PRB files, there's a possibility that they became corrupted. You might have to delete and re-build some of your probes.

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    you got just the one rack in use? I had seen similar with 2 rack when they had different mount points set... each rack has its own


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    After working with Hexagon for over a week we finally came up with a fix

    It was a bug in 2019 SP1

    Installed 2020 and now problem is gone


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