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  • Annoying autosave

    Hello everyone, I am a new user of the forum and a new user of PC-Dmis, I am learning to use a DEA for which I am still in the beginning. I state that I searched the forum but without finding a solution. I have installed PC-Dmis vers. 2019 R2 but I don't find the option to disable the autosave and save only when I want a routine.

    Thanks everyone for the reply


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    When is the autosave, that you want removed, happening?

    F5 -> General tab, long list of options, "Save measurement routine on execute" might be what you're looking for. Saves the .PRG each time you execute.

    Or Settings Editor, FileMan/DocumentRecovery if you're talking about the extra files xxx.prg^ and xxx.prg~

    And don't forget that "Close" means "save and close", while "Quit" means "close without saving".

    Edit: You can also write protect your xxx.PRG file in Explorer when you are satisfied with it - then nothing will be written to the file, whatever you do in PC-DMIS. Do note that you won't have the results from the latest run saved, either. The saved report will be the only trace of your results...
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      Perfect, many many thanks!


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