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  • Shank IJK off

    So, I am having an issue where I add a new probe angle into the program (T1A0B0) and the shankijk comes out at something like -.0001, 0, 1 and the angle at about .8 degrees. I checked the probe settings and they say they should be 0,0,1 and they always have been before. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    It sounds like you have already run, at least, part of the program. The 'actual' alignment is not perfectly level to your CMM 'alignment'. If your 'actual' alignment is at an angle of, say, 0.1-degrees to the CMM (baseplate/part isn't perfectly level), then something that is at 0,0,1 to the CMM (like your T1A0B0 command) will be at 0.1-degrees to the 'actual' alignment.

    It is such a tiny difference that it should cause no problems at all - I see this all the time. If it concerns you, perhaps you can MANUALLY edit the -.0001 and change it to 0 - but that is more trouble than it is worth, frankly.


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      Thanks, I think that was it.

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