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  • Help!!!!!

    I'm using a new ONE machine with ver. 4.1 & a shefield control. Is it just me or is 4.1 full of bugs? We've had the machine up and running for 3 days and it seems like every day it is something new. Anything from a pcdlrn error to the jog box locking out and not moving any of the axis (had to shut machine clear down to fix), to bitmap load error that changed the whole configuration of my tool bars. Then when I changed them back to the way I had them, closed dmis and reopened it they changed again. Okay enough complaining now for a real question. I print my report window in text only format and I don't want all of the colors. I want black for text and dimensions in tol. and red for dimensions out of tol. How in the world do you change these colors?

    Thanks in advance for everyones help!!

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    Well I am sticking to 3.7MR3 for now, like the ludite I like to pretend I am. However the most knowledgable 4heads on the board all agree that 4.1 stinks and you should immediately advance to 4.2 or drop back to 3.7MR3. As for the colors and printing, I think this has come up before and if you do some searching you will probably find some things. There is a search option on the top bar of this forum, but it does not always work real well. You might try starting a new thread with something like "4.1 printing" or "change print colors" as the title/subject and then after you post it, scroll to the bottom of the page and see what sort of "similar" threads the forum pulls up for you.
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      EDIT, PREFERENCES, EDIT WINDOW COLORS CHANGED MY REPORT COLORS (USING TEXT DIMENSIONING) I thought changing edit colors would work for edit window only it changed report colors as well !


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        By the way, to clear the error on the Sheffield Controller without shutting it down: While holding the SERVO OFF button press the JOY button. This works 95% of the time.
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          Go back to 3.7 MR3


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