Graphical anylsis not automatically scale to fit

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  • Graphical anylsis not automatically scale to fit


    Can anyone please help. I have created an analysis view. Rotated to how I want the image to report, scaled it correctly and clicked create analysis review command. However if I rerun the program again, I get a blank image. The only way to get the correct image up again is edit the analysis review and click scale to fit again. This gets the image to look how it should.

    So it appears that the graphic view is not automatically scaling to fit when I rerun. Does any one have any solutions. Thanks

    V 2015.1

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    Create a viewset and recall this before adding the analysis view, I believe this is what you would want?
    Global Advantage 12-15-10 PH10MQ SP600M V4.2MR3 CAD++


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      When you change the magnification, do you do it in the initial window on the top right in the Analysis box, i.e. where it says Textual/Graphical/Multiplier/Apply?

      If you do, you aren't changing the magnification in the dimension itself, so when it gets the Analysis view command it's using whatever is in the dimensions itself ("GRAPH=OFF TEXT=OFF MULT=10.00") The MULT is what's used in the analysis view window regardless. You can change it from within the analysis view window while setting it up under Options...Dimension Options...Analysis Options. The multiplier input in there WILL change the characteristic multiplier.


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