3mm probe error, program's won't run

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  • 3mm probe error, program's won't run

    I have a romer arm infinity 2.0 with pc_dmis 2011 installed. I've been using it since 2011 without any significant problems.
    I use the 3mm probe for all of the programs i write and the parts i inspect.

    Recently, when opening a program, the pc_dmis error message "part program recalls a tip that is not defined" even though the correct 3mm probe is installed.

    This message is typically displayed when a different probe is on the romer arm from the probe type written in the program. I would usually insert the new probe command and it would work fine.

    But now, this leaves the romer arm unable to run the program.

    There are also several other odd things occuring in the "edit window" and "graphic window". This includes, if trying to manually load the 6mm probe, the new tip command in the edit window reads "tip0" instead of "tip1" or "tip2" and the program won't run.

    If i open an existing program written with the 3mm probe. A different error message opens. "the probe you are using does not match the active probe in the part program. Would you like to insert new "load probe" command?. Select yes or no. No will modify the current load probe command".

    If i have the new 6mm probe installed on the romer arm and i select "no" to the error message, the 6mm probe is properly loaded into the program and the program will run with using the 6mm probe.

    I am getting by with inspecting parts using the 6mm probe for now,

    refering back to the 3mm probe.

    When i open the cimcore utilities the software recognizes the 3mm probe and the correct seriel number. I was able to calibrate the probe.
    I was able to perform a point check with results somewhat close to being within limits of .020 microns
    range/2: X = 0.015
    y = 0.030
    z + 0.039

    i had our computer guy check for any viruses or malware on the system but that came up negative.

    I called hexagon and they just recommended buying a new romer arm since they will no longer offer any support on this model cmm.

    Is this 3mm probe at fault or is something else going on?????????

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks brian

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    Have you recently had it in for a calibration?

    For some reason that makes NO SENSE AT ALL, they have changed the names of MY probes when they have had it for the annual calibration. The names are stored IN the module, not on the PC as far as I can tell. For the first 2 or 3 years, I had 3mm, 6mm, 19mm for names. Then when it came back from a calibration, they were 3mmball, 6mmball, and 19mmmaster. Yeah, and they have changed again since then. Annoying to say the least.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      No, i have not machine calibrated in a while. We use a calibration fixture and the length bar. As far as the probe names, they have not been changed. I am concerned with the individual probe file itself located in the search patch directory. There are so many little programs there that pc-dmis uses to run.

      Not only that, a month after this started happening, our 2nd romer arm started doing the same thing. That one runs off of v2010. But we share common programs from time to time . Wondering if a file got mixed with the copy paste of a program.


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