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  • Scanning for noobs

    Hey, I have never used a scan before and would like to learn. I haven't taken the level 2 course with hexagon yet. I am just wanting to get a head start.

    Is there a proper way to start a scan?

    Does anything in the scan window need changed? Does it depend on the material type and what not?

    If there is a basic guide to scans or a document i could read, please send my way.

    Thanks in advance everyone.

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    What kind of probe are you using? Do you have an analog scanning probe or just a TTP?

    Also if you have CAD you can use to practice on a test part then it'll make it a little easier on you


    • ThePudds
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      ajlee7 it is an analog scanning probe. We don't use actual CAD, we use IGES to insert into PC-DMIS. Is there a good way to start practicing with it? I have zero experience on how to scan anything. Maybe a step-by-step or a training guide you know of?

    • Schlag
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      Cad is generic for a "model". So yes, you use CAD. I wouldn't even now how / where to begin on trying to explain scanning from step 1....

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    Just to add, since you are obviously quite "green" at this, IGES is a CAD format that PC-DMIS uses. Depending on which version of PC-DMIS you are using, there is a wealth on information in the help files regarding scans. I myself have been using scans for about 3 years now and have never had a level 2 class. Many parameters need to be modified dependent on the scan type and the input available.


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      I'll have to second Jim on this. The help files are probably going to be the most useful thing to you at this point. Scanning is a pretty significant topic (hence the existence of the dedicated class).

      If you're set on self-teaching, the best thing to do is just dive in.
      Load a part with a round feature, and try a basic circle scan (Insert>Scan>Circle)
      Just input the parameters for that circular feature (Center XYZ, diameter, inner/outer), don't worry about the cutplane for now, if you leveled to a plane parallel with the feat then it's fine.
      If you have a model for the part imported you can see arrows on screen for where the scan will begin and end.

      Once you can get that one try a linear open or linear closed
      Good Luck!

      p.s. scans can't directly be dimensioned as they are just a collection of points, so you'll have to construct a feature out of the collected data


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        The junior member tag on your profile is misleading. Much help! Thanks.

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      on the PCDMIS help file, look up Scanning tutorials. It gives a lot of info


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