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    Thanks to AndersI

    Since I can't scan, I don't have line scan strategy, so I used an autocyl and used "to points". Got the points, rearranged them in the order I want, and then used generate path to add in clearance moves for me.

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    Original question-->
    Using 2019 R2 latest Sp...

    Is there a way to alter your hit paths in PC DMIS? In QUINDOS, its easy.. =/ Built right within the generate command.

    For example... I have a cylinder that I want to measure in two levels. Instead of going all the way around the part twice, is it possible to make it probe in a line like the below picture?

    I know I can put vector points and then paste with pattern, but I would like to do this with an autofeature (if possible).


    Thanks in advance.
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    If you have a scanning probe head, you should be able to choose the Strategy "Adaptive Cylinder Line Scan" in the autocylinder dialog. With a touch probe, there's only the default strategy.

    But, and that's a big but, you can't use a scanned line on *that* part...
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      =( darn. I only have TTP. no scanning.

      okay thanks AndersI


      • DAN_M
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        Honestly I have never tried to use the path optimization stuff before. I just fumble through it for the first time and it worked. This just opened up a whole new door for me.

        I'm going to be messing with this a lot now.

        Thanks so much !!

      • AndersI
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        Another tip is to use Summary mode when moving things around. It is much faster - you see more of the program, and you can drag the commands around with the mouse, no need to select anything with the keyboard.

      • DAN_M
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        I never use summary mode, but for situations like this i will definitely give it a go.

        Thanks so much
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      Why dont you just use vector points and create a cylinder... thats what we do in situations like this.

      ****Edit**** Sorry, didnt realize you solved your issue allready.... But just fyi, When I do this, especially offline, I do the upper point with a before avoidance move, lower point with an after avoidance move. I also do an assignment for the height just in case it needs to be tweaked online, then you only have to adjust the assignment. Once I have the first 2 points all set, I just pattern it around.
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      • DAN_M
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        I do that often, but have always keyed in my own move points by hand. That can be time consuming.

        I was unfamiliar with the fancy path line generation stuff so I was looking for a work around within the auto feature itself.

        Now that I know about the path generation, I just used an autocyl and selected "to points", then moved the hits where I want them via cut/paste and then I used the path generation and VOILA all good.

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      I have done it in summary mode simply dragging the hit commands around and placing move points as required.

      Switching to command mode is easier to make the move points where you want, but in summary mode if you expand a hit and highlight the last line after expanded it will put the move right after that hit. Highlighting a collapsed hit and adding a move point puts it before the first hit at the start of the feature if I recall correctly
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