is Absolute Movement by Mast center, not Probe available?

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  • is Absolute Movement by Mast center, not Probe available?

    Ok Smart enough to be a CMM programmer, but not enough to be rich:

    I have the mast of my HUGE Global buried 4 ft into a 6" DIA. shaft, I'm using a #3 and #5 position knuckle to probe points for a constructed cylinder. I use an AFTER .650 move to pull the tip away from the part, then i rotate to the new tip position.The problem I'm having is: I only have XYZ data as it refers to the TIP position, but my life would be so much easier if I could just call the Mast back to the center, because the TIP XYZ 's are really hard to calculate the offsets. Really I'm just to lazy to trig out all the safe moves for each tip pre-rotation and post.
    BUT, I guess if did just one, i could pattern it about the Mast too. Hmm....

    How would do you skin this cat?

    Gabriel Ortiz

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    Not sure to understand...
    I would :
    then CTRL+M to V3.X,V3.Y,V3.Z..............(In this case, the "center" probe should move to the theo centroid of CYL1)


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      I only hear beeping when I'm drag scanning your wife

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      I also use non-contact probes...

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      Ha Ha Love it! Good to be back in the land of the irreverent!

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