True Position with no drawing or datums

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  • True Position with no drawing or datums

    Hello again

    I was requested to find the diameters and other features such as the center of every hole on a "metal plate". However, there is no drawing for it and therefore there are no datums or nominals for any possible feature. I would like to know if it's possible to find the center of each hole relating them, maybe, to the 3 datums I will be specifying and using for the alignment (I plan to do a 3-2-1 alignment, since it’s basically a cubic plate).

    I have attached a pretty accurate drawing of the plate.

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    With no specifications and no datum structure, you are correct in your approach. You can not find the information requested of you unless you have a start point and your 3-2-1 would do just that. You could always find the diameters without such but not any relationship to each other or location on the part itself. Proceed as you thought you should.


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      Thank you so much!!!

    • Jim Poehler
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      You're most welcome

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