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  • Path lines, Animate, Collision

    When simulating a program to check out any collisions. I was always told to generate the path lines, animate the path, then run collision detection.
    However, someone has now told me that to check out collision detection you only need to generate the path lines then run collision detection. Is this right or should you still run the animate path command in between.

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    I only select what I want to run collision detection on, right click on the items then choose path lines > collision detection. It will generate the path lines, run collision detection, then regenerate the path lines with collisions marked in red. I'm running 2019 R1.

    Be sure everything is modeled; fixtures, part, clamps, and the entire probe assembly.


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      Thanks. So do you know what the animate path command does and when you would use it.


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        Offline, as far as I can tell it functions the same as executing the program. Online it allows you to animate the probe without executing the program. From my experience it does not work properly online as it does not always show the correct head angle. Just use view path lines and collision detection.

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