Struggling to measure a circle :(

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  • Struggling to measure a circle :(


    I'm still on pc dmis training , now i have been assigned to measure a couple of circles but the issue is that my measures are way far than the nominal (15mm of diameter) i get almost 17mm with cmm , ( i measured the two sides with the caliper and almost got the nominal value for each one of them ,but in cmm i get 17mm or more

    the highlighted areas in the circle are bent in the real part , its a metallic circuit bulb holder of rear lamp

    ps i measure with no cad using 3 - 2 - 1 alignement

    I take 4 hits in a form of a cross (+) touching the regular circled side and the bent side , and also tried tried taking 4 hits away from the bent side

    PS 2 :The bent side is like a edge is that was bent innerly

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      No one ?? :/


      • bfire85
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        You have to remember, you posted this on a weekend. A lot of us are not visiting the forums on Saturday or Sunday.

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      How do you measure it, by using the joystick manually ("guess" mode) or by autocircle function?
      Whats your probe radius?
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 2o23.1


      • Mranaskw
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        i dont have the cad so using the probe (i dont know yet the guess mode ) , i will check for the raduis

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        Guess mode = take hits manually with joystick and press <END>. PC-DMIS will now "guess" what kind of feature you have measured, based on your probe hits. You can force the feature guess by selecting the feature with the "light light blue" icons. This feature is added to your program.

        Autocircle = the autocircle dialog is open during the measurement of the circle.

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      Are you talking about the two arcs? If so, I would take two hits, one on each of the arcs, and measure a 2 point distance. (Simulating a caliper)
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