confusion when setting rotation of line

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  • confusion when setting rotation of line


    I get confused when doing aligenement of a line to limit the rotation freedom , i do not know toward which axe the rotation to be limited , for u to explain to me lets say i want alignt a car that is in front of us , so i would select the car roof plane as level and Z+ origin , i picked the line on the driver side (Left hand car) Y+ and a point on the front of the car next to the headlights (toward us) X+

    in this case to which axe shall we limit the rotation of the line it is around z but toward where , i hv also heard that it depends on the beggening of the line and it second point direction (from a to b , is not the same if u took line from b to a ) it is true


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    If the line starts from the front of the car and ends at the end of the car then the direction of the line is Yminus and vice versa. So rotate to line in the y minus direction about z plus.

    how would the car be physically oriented? Hood facing the back of the CMM and trunk facing the front of the CMM?
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      Hello sir , thank for your reply i didnt exactly the last question of yours , but i understanded that you asked about the mode in which we measure the parts , we called it vehicule mode , it's like simulating the part setup in the car ,
      which makes the front of it in X+ (like if u put a car on the cermaic table of CMM toward us in front of the cmm machine ) , the rear lamps are x-

      So basicaly the orientation should be the direction where the Y axe can rotate to around Z ?

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    Ok, then level z plus z origin in the roof of the car, line car door starting by the front lights to rear lights moving the x- direction so rotate by line in x- about z plus, y origin, then point in the front of the car x origin.

    hope that helps.


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