TR_ FG150.X1xT Error

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  • TR_ FG150.X1xT Error

    Getting TR_ FG150.X1xT Error intermittently when move in "Y"
    Alpha Image 25-50-15 - Lietz controller - V3.7 MR-2 - XP SP2.
    Cleaned with denatured alcohol a number of times.
    "Y" move may be manual or programmed.
    Will get error, walk a way for a while, come back, find problem went away only to recur again later.
    Any Ideas???
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    STATUS Label Error Message

    STATUS Label Error Message
    X_IxT : ERROR X_IxT,S%1,TR_FG150,X IxT Error
    Y_IxT : ERROR Y_IxT,S%1,TR_FG151,Y IxT Error
    Z_IxT : ERROR Z_IxT,S%1,TR_FG152,Z IxT Error
    W_IxT : ERROR W_IxT,S%1,TR_FG153,W IxT Error
    A_IxT : ERROR A_IxT,S%1,TR_FG154,A IxT Error
    B_IxT : ERROR B_IxT,S%1,TR_FG155,B IxT Error

    A circuit on the servodriver has detected saturation (i.e. peak level) of the motor current for a time longer than allowed. It may be due to a motor overload owing to obstacles to motion (collision,friction) or a motor failure or a failure of the mechanical motion system or of the servodriver.

    Clean Air Pipelines , Air Pads and check the belts.

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      Check for any obsruction of the drive system like Shaliha said. If it happens in the same location each time it could be a sticky spot on a bearing surface or a belt. If you have recently removed any shrouds from the machine and reinstalled them check for rubbing.
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        For future reference:
        Problem turned out to be an air bearing,
        was replaced by B & S


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          We had this error message when trying to home the machine on start up. Found that the magnetic that is supposed to be just below the Y scale in the front of the machine was out of location. There was a mark on the granite weighs where it is supposed to adhere to with double back tape. Put Magnetic back to that location and the machine homed properly.


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