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    I have a question about the content of csv files, especially about Profile dimension:

    As we use a control Software for our measurements, i export every routine result into a csv file, which is then used to import data into the soft.
    And i noticed 2 things:

    - For dimensions which are NOT FCF, the result appears in the cell "MESU"
    - For dimensions which are FCF, the result appears in the cell "DEV"

    So i created these 2 rules into the software to import my data. That worked fine until now, but i did not pay attention that for the Profile dimension, the result is totally different of these 2 cases into the csv… here is how it looks (sorry, in french…) :


    I don't understand well all these values, so my questions are:

    - Why the result is not appearing in the "DEV" cell ? is there a way to force it ?
    - What does this cell "Consequence displacment reference" corresponds to ? and also the "Rotation X" ?
    - The profile i'm measuring has a tolerance of 1mm, why my tolerance in the csv appears at -0.025 ? in the pdf it appears good at +/-0.5 as you see on that pic:


    Thanks in advance.

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